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Customer-focused reseller and integrator of today’s leading networking technologies.

We help you address your industry-specific technology needs.

Network Services & Support (NSS), Inc. is a customer-focused reseller and integrator of today’s leading edge networking technologies, including VoIP Phone Systems and data network devices, such as routers, switches, and firewalls. Our primary focus is VoIP. Our core product portfolio includes ADTRAN and Digium products. NSS’s corporate headquarters is located in Cummings Research Park Huntsville, AL , near the main headquarters for both ADTRAN Inc. and Digium.


Voice Services

Voice solutions may be catered to your specific industry application. From healthcare to automotive, education, banking, and government installations, NSS can customize the voice solution that addresses your industry specific needs. Click to learn more about how NSS is outfitting different businesses with the technology needed for specific industry needs.

Data Services

Data connections need to support all of your business applications and industry-specific programs required to run your business. From accounting software to Human Resources and Customer Management Systems, security and reliability are paramount. Find out how NSS is driving some of the most advanced data networks with solutions that provide the connections needed for advanced LAN applications.


IT Support

Industry specific needs for voice call routing or customized support for industry-specific business applications and processes are our specialty. Our team of voice, data, and IT specialists are ready to support you so you can focus on your business needs. Put us to work for you today.


Case Study: HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

See how NSS supports the Bio-Tech Industry.

NSS designed, installed, and supports the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology voice and data network. Security for HIPAA, Wi-Fi access for the educational outreach team and public/mobile use, along with multiple data centers, switching and call routing databases, are connected using NSS network solutions.


Case Study: Digium

Leading Voice Solutions Empower A Broad Range of Industry Applications

PBX systems designed for all size businesses provide advanced queuing, call routing, and auto-attendant/IVR functions to deliver voice services needed for industry-specific business applications.

If you are looking for quality network products and excellent service, at a cost-effective price-point, please contact us today.