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Frequently asked questions are listed below. If you don’t see your question listed, you can contact us here.

Will changing make us have different phone numbers?

We are able to migrate everything over and keep your current direct lines and phone numbers.

What if I want to keep my current managed service provider but want to use NSS for additional services?

NSS can easily integrate with your current service provider. We frequently work with and build relationships with providers such as Legacy for analog and PRI, provide SIP trunking for F1 Solutions, Technicore, and more both locally and abroad.

Can you consolidate all of my IT needs?

Yes! NSS supports unified communications by combining data, voice, WiFi, surveillance, low voltage cabling, fiber connections, and consulting. Cost savings and fiber may be available to you for both existing builds and new construction.

How can I notify NSS of major changes in my business?

You can utilize our online ticketing portal to create tickets and communicate with our technicians. Also, we are available by email at and by phone at (256) 464-0857.

If I am experiencing an issue or need to make changes, how can I track my ticket progress?

aOur helpdesk processes tickets and critical issues within 2 hours of being received, and IT services are available 8:00 am-5:30 pm Monday through Friday, with an emergency hotline available after hours and holidays. We offer an online ticketing portal from which you can create a profile to log tickets, review metrics, and track the progress of your employees.

What kind of businesses can use NSS service?

pie chart of market segments NSS serves

We serve a number of businesses and contractors across a variety of market segments. Though healthcare, retail, and education make up a large percentage of our customers, we also serve industries like hospitality, distribution, and non-profit organizations.

What cities does NSS support?


NSS can support your business anywhere in the United States. For International inquires, please reach out to an expert at, or use the contact page on this website.

How much does IT Support cost?


IT Support varies widely by company. We are completely customizable and willing to create a solution to meet your needs and budget, whether you have 3 employees or 500. Our most basic small office plan is less than $100/month.

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